Wedding Season Start

Get ready with Bye Bra – a perfect match for all your dresses.

It’s April and it’s weddings time! Spring is knocking on the door and temperatures are getting higher, so it’s the time of the year to take our dresses from the wardrobe and feel glamorous! Choosing a bridal dress is one of the funniest experiences you may ever have with your besties during your wedding preparation. Drinking Champaign in a luxury boutique, dressing up with even with the most ridiculous models might end to be an exciting journey for you and your bridesmaids. Not a bride yet? It’s just the same if becoming a maid of honour or a godmother.

Most of the dresses require you to own a specific type of lingerie. If you have about 10 specific occasions, it would mean 10 more pairs of lingerie for every outfit. A bit too much isn’t it? What about if there’s universal lingerie to match all your outfits and you can either reuse it or simply get several products in the same package to have them on your disposal whenever you need them? Sounds like to find a pirate’s treasure? Not at all. It’s all about Bye Bra – the innovative alternative solution for all your dresses. What are the steps? Sit down and think what your favourite type of dress is? A V-neck? Backless? Go to your wardrobe and inspect what you already have, then think of what you’re most likely going to buy. Now go to Bye Bra’s official website and search for a soul mate to perfectly match most of your dresses. That’s it, now you’re ready for all the events during this summer season.

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