Spring Proms

Be perfect, be you, be the prom queen with ByeBra.

It’s fresh, it’s spring and it’s all about who’s the next prom queen. May is the month to feel trendy and confident because this is all you need to step forward to the spring prom preparation. High school prom, graduation party or simply celebrating the upcoming festival season, a little party never killed nobody, right?

Choosing the perfect prom dress to be on top of the rating is actually a pretty hard task. You’re supposed to think not only about your hairstyle and makeup but also accessories such as clutch, shoes and jewellery. What really matters when choosing your outfit is actually the lingerie. On the one hand, you’re supposed to look spectacular but on the other hand, you’ll have to bring those clothes during the entire night, so comfort is a top-notch priority.

Nowadays, fashion is changing on a daily basis, so finally choosing a bra and panties to be both comfy and glamorous might end to be a nightmare. Wouldn’t be just perfect if you have a universal solution for all kind of dresses? Something like a soul mate for your prom dress to perfectly match your dress choice. Actually, there is – welcome to the Bye Bra world.

You’re in love with that backless or V-neck dress but so worried about how you’re supposed to wear your bra with it? Sick and tired from those adhesive bras, which hardly stick with you even for two hours? There’s a perfect solution to adjust itself according to your breasts size and shape to help you look perfect without any excuses.

Achieve #Perfection with #NoExcuses thanks to #ByeBraJune: Beach Time

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