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A top-quality Dutch brand, Bye Bra was created in the year 2011. Within several years of its creation, its assortment has successfully been made available in many stores and boutiques throughout Europe.

Those flower-shaped silicone nipple covers are ideal to conceal your nipples and protect your nipples. The Petal Nipple covers are made from a soft material and give the breasts a beautifully natural appearance. We recommend using silicone nipple covers for less formal wear or in the case of larger areolae around the nipple. The Petal Nipple covers are perfect to combine with dresses, gowns, T-shirts and bathing suits.


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The Petal Nipple Covers

Premium quality silicone nipple covers, reusable up to 15 times. The covers are comprised of an adhesive back side and a soft front side. These flower-shaped nipple covers are ideal for daily use. They will conceal nipple protrusion and will protect your nipples.

We recommend the silicone nipple covers if you have clothing that rubs a lot, or if you have larger and sensitive areolae. The nipple covers will stay in place, despite perspiration.

  • 1 pair in a pack
  • Material: 52% Polyester & 48% Bio Gel


  • Clean the nipples to remove any body oil and residue from the skin.
  • Dry the nipples with a towel.
  • Apply the Petal Nipple Covers on one side at a time. Make sure that your nipple is in the centre of the nipple cover during application. If you are not satisfied with the positioning, peel off and try again.
  • Slightly press the nipple cover onto the skin to secure.

We recommend not to use the nipple covers on scars, wounds or sensitive skin.


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