Bra Extenders

Bye Bra introduces the new generation of bra extenders with flexible ends to fit any 2-hook or 3-hook bra. They are extension pieces for any bra that is too tight, giving a better fit to any bra that is too small.

The Bye Bra bra extenders have flexible ends; therefore, you can be assured that it will fit any of the bras you have. The soft material guarantees an ultra-soft touch against the skin, enhancing your comfort, while the flexible ends make it easier to attach to any bra.
The bra extender is available in a variety of packs with a mix of four colours: black and white + two nude colours; black and white + two brown colours; and black, white, red and pink.

Shipment Methods

We ship to 99% of the countries in the world. Most Bye Bra items fit in an envelope, therefore a track and trace service is not always mandatory for most destinations - parcel fits in your mailbox. Expected delivery times to North America is 2 weeks, Europe from 1 day to 1 week and Australia / New Zealand up to 3 weeks. Our stats show that 98.7% of the orders we ship arrive at their destination within the estimated delivery time frame.

However, if the delivery address is in Asia, Latin and Middle America, the Middle East or Africa, we advise you to go for the 'track and trace' option or the FedEx delivery service. Without a tracking number, it is not possible to track your parcel in case it is somehow lost.

We offer shipment with Royal Dutch Mail and Fedex. Use the shipping calculator to get an overview of the available options, cost & approx. delivery times to your destination located on the cart page.

If your order is urgent due to an upcoming gala, wedding or any other important event we also offer a FedEx priority service -> Express Delivery!